In Person Office Visits

Every human possesses the need to be heard. When one is heard healing begins.

Let’s get comfortable.

Because we are usually dealing with a crisis or feeling some level of stress and vulnerability when we decide to seek out counseling, I think it is important to know where you are going and what to expect when you get here. This often helps people to feel more relaxed about the first appointment.

My office is located 1369 G Street, Arcata, California in a beautiful two-story Victorian.

Parking is available behind the building.

From parking lot go through the unlocked gate to the right. Once through the gate you will see stairs to your left. Go up the stairs and enter through the door. Once you are inside, to your left is the bathroom. On the right, you will see a nook where we ask everyone to remove and place their shoes. Continue further into the space past a small kitchenette on your left. Take a right and walk past two doors to the waiting room. I will greet you there.


First Session

During the first session, we will connect and get to know each other. You can immediately begin talking about what has brought you into therapy. At the end of the first session, I will give you my impressions and recommendations about what I feel would be best for you on your healing path.

I tell clients to consider two main things in the first session:

1) Do you feel comfortable with me? Does it feel like the right fit?

2) Do you have confidence from what has transpired during the session that I am qualified to help you with your particular issue?

In choosing a therapist, it is important to answer both of those questions and to follow your heart/intuition in deciding.



Payments for In-Person office visits and Outdoor Sessions are usually made in person. However, if you want to pay ahead of time you may do so below. If you make an online payment please make sure to let Gaia know at least a day before your scheduled time together. Thank you!

I Care

Getting Started is Easy




Free 20 Min Chat

The first step is as simple as calling me.
The number I can be reached at is:
(707) 267-7393

Book Appointment

You can book an appointment after we talk for the first time and at the end of each session thereafter.

Fill Out Client Intake Form

The Next Step is to fill out client intake form. There are two versions – Condensed or Thorough. Click here to fill one out.

Make Payment

For In-Person Sessions

Review Consent Form

Review Scope of Practice & Consent of Services. I will ask you if you went over this at our first session.

1st Session!

I look forward to our time together. You will receive a reminder via text or email the day before our appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For emergencies call 911 or visit your nearest hospital

(707) 267-7393

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