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The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted many of our lives. The disruption varies from individual to individual. Many of us have been taken away from our jobs and our in-person social interactions due to social distancing. Others are feeling stressed and overwhelmed from being on the front lines. While others have contracted the virus and have even died, only each of us as individuals know the extent of how the coronavirus has impacted our inner world and engagement with the outer. Some claim dealing with the impact of the coronavirus is as simple as choosing love over fear. Unfortunately, when really arriving at the truth, the process for many people is not as simple as that. During this period of disruption, it is completely understandable that many of us are feeling vulnerable, anxious, alone, uncertain, stressed, overwhelm, scared, unsafe, shut down and even paralyzed.

In addition to our commonly shared human vulnerability, there is also a weight of old traumatic experiences re-surfacing more than ever. This is due to our regular every day cerebral purposes (like our jobs) and support systems being placed on hold or altered. The result is an up swell re-triggering of traumatic experiences due to the absence of dependable “distractions” and lack of support. On top of the already unnerving baseline feelings associated with the disruption, many are also dealing with terror, fear of abandonment, shame, hopelessness, and feeling unlovable.

Another reality of dealing with Covid that some of us may be experiencing is grieving the sickness or loss of someone close to us. This brings up feelings like sadness, anger, denial and acceptance connected to the coronavirus, as well as mental coping mechanisms like bargaining. The presence of loss, grief, vulnerability and uncertainty have many of us also reflecting on our own existence.

Whatever the case, the coronavirus has had a contributing effect on causing structural disintegration of the habitual life and in further disregulating the nervous system for many people.

With these disruptions invoking a particularly raw and vulnerable space in people, having adequate loving support can be really helpful in getting through such challenging times. Whatever you happen to be going through, whether its depression, anxiety, grieving, or anything else, I am here for you.


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