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Today you are one step closer to being further empowered on an encouraging path to growth and well-being.

Do you have a need to be genuinely heard with understanding, non-judgment, acceptance, and empathy?

Did you know poor listening and not being heard is a leading cause of misunderstandings, repression of one’s true self and their resulting inner turmoil and outer conflicts?

Are you struggling with an issue that you would like support in exploring and healing?

Do you hope to find a compassionate and inquisitive ally whom you resonate with that can help?

I imagine that you want nothing more than to be heard and seen, feel whole instead of fragmented, get some relief, and feel better. I am also imagining you want to experience clarity and peace, connect to authenticity and presence and feel safe.

When crises or problems arise in our lives, we are often challenged to stay open to what is happening long enough to acquire the direction and guidance that we need to heal. We are also often challenged in letting go of old dynamics that may be perpetuating the challenging issues in our lives. I would like to help you resolve these challenges.

I am deeply inspired by people who take the steps to show up, be heard, and be honest with themselves about where they are in the moment and in their lives. I thrive on respecting boundaries, being present with a clients’ struggles, and in witnessing a client’s willingness to open and be vulnerable. I love assisting people to help themselves see their problems and challenges as great opportunities and catalysts for growth, connection and loving evolution.

As your therapist, my intention is to empower YOU to become the healer of your wounds. I will help you understand and resolve challenges in your life, experience a more fulfilling and meaningful life, bring clarity to your confusion, and inspiration to the ever evolving journey we call life.

Imagine what it could be like to be able to fully express your deepest concerns in life to someone who accepts you fully without any judgement. I have personally experienced the truly transformational healing power of being genuinely heard, witnessed, and unconditionally accepted and would love to share this healing opportunity with you as that listener. Once the space for safe self-expression has been established, only then can true healing begin. Sometimes the mere act of authentically being heard is enough to have a breakthrough. Other times I may offer gentle suggestions and guidance to help you move through your process.

My guidance is largely inspired by two approaches: First, by asking open-ended questions, encouraging you to dive deeper into yourself for insight, and next, by imagining myself in your particular situation and offering suggestions from an open-hearted space.

If you’re looking to be authentically heard and / or looking for support, guidance and clarity through a challenging situation, healing a wound, or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Coronavirus Coping Therapy

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Teleconference and phone therapy sessions

Home Visits & Outdoor Therapy

Due to the coronavirus, these services are currently not available.

Gaia C. Thiele, M.A.

I imagine that you want nothing more than to be heard and seen, feel whole instead of fragmented, get some relief, and feel better. I am also imagining you want to experience clarity and peace, connect to authenticity and presence and feel safe.

Mission Statement


• Help alleviate psychological suffering in clients

• Honor and respect the uniqueness of each client’s culture, family, values and beliefs, and personal identity.

• Promote a positive and whole hearted sense of self and self-esteem.

• Be present with where the client is and simply listen and really take in what is being said from a place of genuine caring presence and professional training.

• Help be with, lessen and resolve experiences of anxiety and worry

• Help clients nurture and discover ways to enjoy and make the most of their lives and life situations.

• Assist clients to engage in healthy behaviors.

• Promote better functioning and satisfaction in clients’ work, personal interests and in their relationships with self and others.

• Increase clients sense of meaning and purpose in life

• Help clients reclaim their wholeness and actualize their full hearted presence and potential.

• Provide ethical, quality, effective, authentic and empathic treatment to the whole person that is based on grounded research, interventions and theories and on human authenticity and kindness.


My Approach: Listening

Listening and being heard is a pathway to beauty. The quality of listening is the key to hearing what people care about. Listening is seeing the world in another person’s perspective. Through listening and being heard, beats of disconnection can come back in sync within ourselves and with each other. Listening is fundamental to dialogue and dialogue is a prerequisite to change. I believe listening to people can transform lives. The desperation to be heard causes people to act out. Listening restores relationships. Listening weaves the fragmented parts of ourselves back to wholeness. When we listen we can not help but love. When we are heard it is affirmation of acceptance and that we are O.K. A renewed sense of empowerment arises as who we are is allowed the space to be known.

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