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Assisting you is my top priority.
Truly, understanding you and your life situation is paramount to our time together.

Intake Form Overview

Please read carefully before selecting the best option

A client intake form is one way I can initially learn about you and your life process. Client intake forms are 100% confidential. Sending me a completed form before our first session gives me a chance to really ground with your life situation before our first scheduled meeting.

There’s two versions of a client intake form below:
1) Condensed Client Intake Form
2) Long Thorough Client Intake Form

If you are needing assistance and a listening ear around just one particular situation, the first condensed client intake form might just be just right for you. At the same time though, it is important to note that even seemingly isolated situations are informed by larger life processes. If you think this is the case or have more going on then just a single situation, I recommend filling out the second and more thorough intake form. Do not to feel obligated to fill out everything on the long form. However, the more you do the more I will have an understanding of you and your life before our first session.

OPTION 1) Fill out either ONLINE FORM below for best results. Condensed form is first. SCROLL DOWN PAGE for the Long Version.

OPTION 2) DOWNLOAD either form, and e-mail file to:

OPTION 3) PRINT either form, fill it out and mail it to: P.O. Box 4558, Arcata, CA 95518. 

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OK to Phone?

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OK to Phone?

OK to Phone?

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Counseling History: Have you attended counseling previously?

Are you currently in therapy or counseling with anyone?

Have you ever been hospitalized for any mental health reasons?

Are you currently taking any psychotropic medications?er been hospitalized for any mental health reasons?

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Have you ever attempted suicide?

Have you recently had thoughts of suicide?

Has anyone close to you ever attempted or committed suicide?

Have you ever been physically, emotionally, or sexually abused?

Do you have people that you can turn to for support?

Personal or Relational Concerns

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