Gaia Thiele is the Listener. Every human possesses the need to be heard. When one is heard healing begins. Gaia will listen to you with warmth and compassion. With a MA in Integral Counseling Psychology, Gaia offers individual listening counseling sessions at his offices in Arcata and Eureka, online, and when the weather permits – outdoors.

Gaia offers confidential Client centered active listening and supportive inquiry that anchors on seeing the wholeness within each client. Cognitive Behavioral suggestions are used sparingly and only if appropriate.


Including the art of listening, Gaia specializes in clinical and integral counseling therapy that is Hakomi influenced. He currently serves as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.


Besides educational training, Gaia has gained unique listening skills. Due to medical complications on his vocal cords, Gaia could not talk for 16 years. He could only whisper sparingly. In that time Gaia gained deep insights into listening and into the nature of being.


 Gaia’s areas of expertise, beside those found on the “Services Provided” page are – in terms of the everyday:



  1. Helping people “sit” with pain and discomfort
  2. Helping people learn to feel feelings without reactively projecting them onto others.
  3. Helping people pull back from passing ill judgement onto others and instead taking a deeper look into their and the other’s discomfort and pain.
  4. Helping people reclaim wholeness through being with their inability to forgive themselves and others to slowly opening to forgiveness.
  5. Helping people distinguish between what actually is and the story they create.
  6. Helping people see that the story they create and the feeling they feel are directly connected to how well they take care of themselves.
  7. Helping people move out of the aggressiveness of the ego and the “better than less than – divide and conquer” mind story.
  8. Helping people move out of fear and lack and into love and abundance.


By being clinically trained Gaia is referring to being trained in the four main forms of therapy found in clinical psychology. These are psychodynamic, humanistic, behavioral/cognitive behavioral, and systems or family therapy. Along with these, Gaia is trained in clinical assessment.

By being Integral trained Gaia is referring to being trained in a therapeutic system concerned with exploring and understanding the totality of the human phenomenon….which at its breadth, covers the entire body-mind-psyche-feeling-relational-spirit spectrum, while at its depth…encompasses the explored unconscious and the conscious dimensions of the psyche, illuminated in Clinical Psychotherapy, as well as the supra-conscious dimension traditionally excluded from psychological inquiry.

Therapy work involving a client’s connection to the supra-conscious dimension that Integral Therapy adds to Clinical Psychotherapy is called Transpersonal Psychology.

Transpersonal Psychology supports the study of mind-body relations, spirituality, consciousness, love and human transformation as they pertain to a person’s connection to the supra-conscious dimension of life that includes the self while also transcending it.

In terms of a client’s connection to life’s supra-conscious dimension, Gaia’s expertise is in helping people integrate and process both their healthy and convoluted experiences with the supra-conscious dimension of reality. He also helps people, upon request, open to this interconnected dimension.

Hakomi Method is a form of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy, or body psychotherapy

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